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Physics@school, Vienna

outreach 29/11/2018

On November 29th, Lisa Weiss gave a talk at Parhamer-Gymnasium in Vienna. Given last year's success, she brought students on a journey to the nanoscale with her computer!

Outreach article in GIT

outreach 28/11/2018

Lisa Weiss and Christos Likos, together with Maximilian Liebetreu, wrote an article for GIT. They explain in simple words their work on filtration of ring polymers in microfluidic devices. Read it here!

Fête de la Science, Orsay

outreach 12/10/2018

ESR Ivan Palaia hosted an activity at Fête de la Science 2018. Three classes from high school visited LPTMS in Université Paris-Sud and discussed probability with him and senior researcher Hubert Krivine.

Biased statistics and data misinterpretation often brings to fake or misleading conclusions. That's why developing a good statistical intuition is fundamental nowadays. Come and test yours on Ivan's website!

Festivaletteratura, Mantua

outreach 07/09/2018

ESRs Sara Dal Cengio, Jérôme Hardoüin and Ivan Palaia represented NANOTRANS at Festivaletteratura in Mantua, Italy, on September 5-9. They collaborated with Scienceground, the festival's scientific area, where internationally known scientists were invited to talk about their lives and research topics.

What do we mean when we talk about beauty within a physical theory? What is elegance in matematics? What is the future of theoretical partical physics? To answer these questions, Sara discussed live with Sabine Hossenfelder, author of Lost in Math.

Also, if you understand Italian, don't miss Sara and Jérôme's Scienceground podcast, in four episodes. You will discover how science and society should interact with each other, according to Tommaso Dorigo (Università di Padova), Tommaso Venturini (Sciences Po Paris), Giuseppe De Nicolao (Università di Pavia), Stefano Lacaprara (INFN Padova) and Bruno Latour (Science Po Paris and London School of Economics).

See you next year in Mantua!

Molecular simulations at the Daan Scale, Baiona

outreach 16/07/2018

ESR Simon Ramirez Hinestrosa presented his work: "Understanding phoretic movement, from algorithms to applications" at the workshop in honour of Daan Frenkel's 70th birthday. 

Long Night of Research, Vienna

people 13/04/2018

In collaboration with her two PhD colleagues, Lisa presented the fascinating world of polymers and topology at the Long Night of Research, Austria's biggest dissemination event!

Workshop Nature Matters, Edinburgh

outreach 06/04/2018

Lisa Weiss co-organized the workshop Nature Matters during the Edinburgh Science Festival, together with PhD students of ETNs Colldense and DiStruc. Lisa shared her fascination for science with 8- to 14-year-old children and teenagers, via small hands-on experiments.

CECAM workshop on Electrostatics in Concentrated Electrolytes

conference 14/02/2018

B. Rotenberg and S. Perkin, together with A. Lee and P. Madden, are co-organising a CECAM workshop on Electrostatics in Concentrated Electrolytes. Ideas and results from NANOTRANS will be disseminated to participants (from 13 countries) at the workshop.  

More information here.

8th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxation in Complex Systems, Wisla, Poland.

conference 23/11/2017

M. Balabajew presented invited talk at the 8th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxation in Complex Systems; July 23-29 2017, Wisla, Poland. 

First UCI-ICS Workshop and Training Mini-Course on Computational Soft Matter, La Havana

training 17/11/2017

Under the support of the III Scientic Conference of the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) and of ICS at Forschungszentrum Jülich, the first UCI-ICS workshop was organized in La Havana. NANOTRANS ESR Aitor Martín-Gómez and PI Roland G. Winkler had the opportunity to present several mini-courses on Soft Matter as invited lecturers. Aitor presented the Implementation of the Multiparticle Collision Dynamics Approach, in which he outlined the multiparticle collision dynamics method, a particle-based mesoscopic simulation approach to account for hydrodynamic interactions. This highly-efficient method is useful to describe a fluid in combination with, in particular, molecular dynamics simulations of polymers. Fore more details check out the website of the Computational Physics Group at UCI.