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Blue energy generation via the diffusive current generated across ion-selective membranes

people 01/01/2020

ESR Anthony Poggioli conducted a dissemination activity during which high school students in Paris could investigate blue energy generation via the diffusive current generated across ion-selective membranes.

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Science and Literature, Congress of the Association for Italian Studies

people 12/09/2019

The Association for Italian Studies ADI organizes an annual meeting, whose theme for this year was Science and Literature. Sara and other students submitted a panel proposal that got accepted: the topic was how to rethink science communication. Sara played the role of coordinator of the panel. Here (in Italian) is a nice summary of the work!

Festivaletteratura, Mantua

people 04/09/2019

As last year, Sara took part to the organization of Festivaletteratura in Mantua, Italy (4-8 September 2019). She was involved, together with other scientists, in the activities of Scienceground, the section of the Festival devoted to discussing the impact of science on society.

Reading groups, 'blackboard' events, podcast records, and children laboratories were set up. A nice article from researcher Lynn Chiu, invited to Mantua to discuss microbiota, immune system and biological identity, is available here, check it out!

A nano Odyssey!

people 06/06/2019

Come with us on a boat trip to the nanoscale and check out what we do at NANOTRANS!

Thanks to ALOOP for their creativity!


NANOTRANS annual meeting at Cumberland Lodge, UK

workshops 25/03/2019

This year our annual meeting will take place at Cumberland Lodge, UK, starting March 25. All ESRs will discuss their work with PIs from member and associate institutions.

Lisa Weiss won best soundbite presentation at the Italian Soft Days in Padua

people 18/09/2018

Lisa won a prize for the best soundbite presentation at the Italian Soft Days in Padua, taking place on September 13 and 14. Congratulations, Lisa!

Festivaletteratura, Mantua

people 07/09/2018

ESRs Sara Dal Cengio, Jérôme Hardoüin and Ivan Palaia will represent NANOTRANS at Festivaletteratura in Mantua, Italy, on September 5-9!

Sara and Jérôme will interview Sabine Hossenfelder, author of Lost in Math, on Friday at 7 pm at Scienceground, the festival's scientific area.

Check out the program of the Festival and Scienceground!

NANOTRANS ESR Workshop, Vienna

workshops 20/08/2018

The NANOTRANS ESR Workshop took place on August 20 - 24 at the University of Vienna.

ESRs gave small lectures on selected topics. They explained their scientific research to each others to promote cooperation. Check out the complete program in the pdf file!

And, with the help of ALOOP, an outreach video will soon appear on this page!

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CECAM workshop on Phoretic effects at the nanoscale, Lausanne

workshops 18/04/2018

NANOTRANS PIs Jure Dobnikar, Benjamin Rotenberg, Daan Frenkel and Emmanuel Trizac organize a workshop about Phoretic effects at the nanoscale. The workshop will take place on April 18-20 at CECAM, in Lausanne. People from many different NANOTRANS nodes will be present.

More information here.

Mamisoa Nomena wins poster prize at Food Colloids 2018 conference

people 12/04/2018

Mamisoa Emma Nomena won the poster prize at the 17th Food Colloids conference, that took place on April 8-11 at the University of Leeds, UK.

Congratulations, Emma!